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Is it possible to create your own award?

Absolutely. Although we offer a selection of classic Lucite and crystal awards, we specialize in designing and manufacturing fully customized awards and recognition gifts. See our Custom Lucite awards video on our YouTube Channel.

Can Scholarly Awards help us with custom Lucite award ideas to create our own award?

We would be happy to provide custom award ideas and designs---free of charge.

Many of our clients have preliminary ideas for custom awards, but we are happy to provide designs entirely on our own. We will always take into account your initial award ideas, and factor into any proposed designs both your budget and deadline.

We have been designing custom Lucite awards and gifts for colleges and universities for over thirty years. We can work off any initial ideas you might have in mind, or develop designs entirely on our own.

A great way to start is by checking out these blog posts on Academic Achievement Award Ideas and Custom Athletic Awards. You’ll see that custom designs don’t have to be elaborate to resonate with recipients.


Aren’t customized awards really expensive?

No…In fact, most of the designs we create are the same price as the generic, off-the-shelf awards and gifts you might be considering. Go to our web page Custom Lucite Academic Awards for more info.
Cost is obviously a concern. When considering student and faculty awards, and especially alumni and donor recognition gifts, you undoubtedly want to avoid appearing cheap without, on the other hand, appearing extravagant and wasteful.

One of the advantages of customization is that we can tailor designs precisely to your quantity and budget. Again, we have thirty years of experience working with schools, and working within their budgets. Let us provide you with some free ideas; you may be surprised at how affordable truly meaningful---and memorable---customized gifts and awards can be.

What makes Scholarly Awards’s custom award designs different?

Our awards and recognition gifts are fully customized. Many companies tout their capabilities with respect to “custom trophies” and “custom awards, but they’re really misrepresenting the end product. Their idea of “customization” involves merely adding or engraving your details onto one of the stock items in their set, predetermined menu. To us, this doesn’t constitute a truly customized design. 

How much time do we need to allot for the custom award process?

Custom Lucite awards can usually be produced in 5-7 business days. Our clients generally prefer to see a sample Lucite award prior to proceeding with the full order. Once a design has been finalized, sample Lucite awards generally require 5 business days. 

Stock crystal awards can usually be shipped in 5 business days or less. Custom crystal pieces require significantly greater time. We can provide production details based on the precise design.

Can you provide rush awards?

Yes. In fact, we offer a selection of Lucite designs that are especially suited to rush awards. We also carry overstock of various crystal pieces for rush situations. Check out our rush Lucite awards page or call us for details.

Importantly, there are NO rush charges.

How soon can we see design ideas or proofs for our awards?

We generally provide a pdf file with detailed custom award designs within 24 hours. In rush situations, artwork turnaround will obviously be further expedited.


What do I need to provide in terms of logos etc.?

We ask that all logos, school seals etc. be provided in a “vector” format. (This is a scalable format that will generally be in an eps or Adobe Illustrator file). We will be happy to guide you in tracking down the necessary formats.

Is it possible to see a sample award prior to placing a full order?

Yes. We strongly recommend production of a sample Lucite award, where time permits. In most situations, a physical sample will be possible.


Do you charge for artwork time?

There are no artwork charges---even if you decide not to proceed with an order.


Will there be set-up charges for my order?

There are NO set-up charges for orders of 5 or more Lucite awards (assuming the quantity is for the same award).  Similarly, there are no set-up costs for crystal award orders of 10 or more of the same award.

In those instances where set-up costs are applied, they will vary depending on the specific features of the design. All set-up costs will be provided in writing prior to the production of a sample or final order.


Do you provide international shipping?

Yes. We will be happy to ship to international locations. 


Will you ship to multiple locations?

Yes. There is no additional charge for drop shipping.


How much will shipping cost?

Shipping on all first-time orders is FREE.

On all other orders, Costs will vary depending on the delivery location, method of shipment, and weight of the order. In all cases, we strive to use the safest, most cost-efficient means of transporting your awards. In the case of crystal awards, for example, we strongly discourage the use of GROUND service, and would instead use the least expensive alternative.


Do you offer any specials on academic awards?


There are NO SHIPPING CHARGES on all first-time orders.

There are NO SET-UP CHARGES on all orders of 5 or more awards.

There are NO RUSH FEES.



Do you accept orders from outside the United States?

Yes. Payment for orders placed outside the United States and Canada must be made by credit card or wire transfer prior to shipping.


Can I place a bulk order for distribution at a later date?

Yes. Bulk ordering can result in considerable savings in the form of both quantity discounts and shipping efficiencies. We can provide more detailed information with respect to specific orders.


Do you accept credit card payments?

We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

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